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🧠 These major companies are using AI to snoop through employees’ messages

🤖 Nvidia, Intel, and Jeff Bezos invest millions in AI humanoid robot company

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These major companies are using AI to snoop through employees’ messages

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Several companies, including Walmart, Delta, T-Mobile, Chevron and Starbucks, are now reportedly monitoring employee conversations on messaging apps using software from a startup A.I. company called “Aware.”

“Aware’s” software is said to scan platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams for keywords that may indicate employee dissatisfaction and potential safety risks.

The company claims it has already assessed up to 20 billion individual messages from more than 3 million employees.

Nvidia, Intel, and Jeff Bezos invest millions in AI humanoid robot company

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Nvidia, Jeff Bezos, and several leading technology companies are investing in Figure AI, a startup that creates human-like robots. The company is securing approximately $675 million in funding, valuing it at about $2 billion before the investment, reports Bloomberg.

Figure AI has attracted significant interest from the tech industry, with investments from major players like Microsoft, which is contributing $95 million, and Nvidia, along with an Amazon-affiliated fund, each investing $50 million. Bezos has committed to $100 million via Explore Investments, LLC.

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