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🧠 Meta to label AI-generated content

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Meta to label AI-generated content

Generated by Midjourney

Our Report: Meta is building an AI-powered tool that will automatically detect and label (in all languages) images—posted on Facebook, Instagram, or Threads—that have been generated using AI.

🔑 Key Points:

Meta already applies watermarks to images created with its own ‘Imagine with Meta’ AI image generator to establish whether the images are real or fake.

Its new tool will use invisible watermarks and embedded metadata to identify and label AI images generated by other tools from Google, OpenAI, and Adobe.

As it’s harder to detect AI-generated video or audio, they’ll ask users to self-label this content, threatening penalties (including content removal) if they fail to do so.

This comes after Meta’s independent oversight board slammed its current media policy, calling it “incoherent and inappropriately focused on how content has been created.”

🤨 Why you should care: As the lines between real and fake AI-generated media become more blurred, Meta is taking these steps in a bid to tackle AI fakery and galvanize the tech industry, encouraging others to follow suit.

Easy Cloud News

Beluga AI Sample – The Power of the Word: Exploring Colossians 3:1–16

Listen or read the following transcript as Matt Chandler speaks on the topic of Worship from Colossians 3:1–16

The following unedited transcript is provided by Beluga AI.

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AI News

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AI Tools

🧠 BHuman: Step into the future with our cutting-edge AI and create a digital version of yourself to make your life easier (link)

🎧️ ResuAudio: Breeze through your reading list with audio summaries (link)

🏋️ Hyperficient: Our AI, trained on the latest scientific research, will generate you a personalised program (link)

✒️ Transcript: Perfect to get more out of your audio, video, or meeting recordings – provides transcripts, summaries, topics, contextual Q&A, speaker identification (link)

🔈️ Chaterimo: 24/7 customer care powered by ChatGPT (link)

🗣️ Rask: A tool that allows companies to translate their videos into 130+ languages (link)

🧑‍💻 Codium: Helps developers discover valuable code suggestions within their IDE, enabling smarter coding and increased value creation (link)