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🧠 Google Transforms Bard into Gemini: A New Era for AI with a Standalone Application

🚌 AI will soon be your personal tour guide

😨 Deepfake costs company $25 million

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Google Transforms Bard into Gemini: A New Era for AI with a Standalone Application

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A recent leak suggests that Google is on the cusp of implementing significant updates to its Bard AI tool, potentially as early as next week. While not officially confirmed, these changes are rumored to involve a pivotal rebranding of Bard to Gemini.

AI will soon be your personal tour guide

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Google Maps is promising to help users find cool places through the use of AI.

What it does:

The new feature uses AI to recommend places like playgrounds, markets, and unique restaurants in your area.

This AI looks for keywords in your search, such as “trendy” or “vintage,” and uses these to find recommendations from its vast database of places, reviews, and photos.

Initially, this feature will be available only in the U.S. for now.

Deepfake costs company $25 million

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Scammers tricked an employee into transferring over $25 million by using AI-generated “deepfakes” to impersonate the CFO and other executives of a multinational company during a video call.

The employee was initially skeptical of an email asking for a large transfer but was convinced after participating in the video call.

Then the employee followed the fake CFO’s instructions and remitted the funds to multiple bank accounts across 15 transfers.

Here’s how to spot a deepfake fraud

Easy Cloud News

Beluga AI Sample – A Door of Opportunity

Listen or read the following transcript as Richard Coekin speaks on A Door of Opportunity from Luke 13

The following unedited transcript is provided by Beluga AI.

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✝️ Easy Cloud Solutions: The Timeless Power of the Written Word: Why I Transcribe My Sermons (link)

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💻️ Easy Cloud Solutions: OpenAI DevDay: Opening Keynote (link)

🦜 Easy Cloud Solutions: Google Updates Bard Chatbot With ‘Gemini’ A.I. as It Chases ChatGPT (link)

AI News

🤗 Hugging Face launches Chat Assistants (link)

🛒 Shopify Adds New AI Tools (link)

🤖 Roblox releases a real-time AI chat translator (link)

📣 Meta AI introduces and opens sources AudioSeal, the first audio watermarking technique designed specifically for localized detection of AI-generated speech (link)

🖋️ Author Admits to Using AI to Write Award-winning Novel (link)

🕶️ Example of someone using Apple’s Vision Pro headset (link)

📝 AI Humanizer produces 100% human-like and plagiarism-free text (link)

💹 Topyc is an AI content tool that helps to quickly grow your websites without a content team or advanced SEO skills (link)

✒️ SignEasyNow uses AI to create digital agreements (link)

💰️ More than 80% of VC pitches now involve AI (link)

😉 Zuckerberg to train AI models on private data (link)

💻️ Intel Is Building a Multibillion-Dollar AI Accelerator Business (link)

AI Tools

🧠 Brilliant: Brilliant has thousands of bite-sized lessons in AI, technology, programming and more make it simple (link)

🎵 MusicFX: Google’s new, free text-to-song creation tool (link)

🫰 7Taps: Create impactful microlearning sessions in minutes (link)

📹️ DomoAI: Text-to-image /video Video-to-video /Animate Image-to-video (link)

✍️ AI Tool Report: Enhance your AI prompts (link)

💻️ Navigator: Build and deploy AI projects (link)

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