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🧠 OpenAI Encourages ChatGPT Use in Classrooms

✏️ Google Meet’s AI Takes Notes and Attends Meetings on Your Behalf

⛅️ Easy Cloud AI News

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OpenAI Encourages ChatGPT Use in Classrooms

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OpenAI offers ways for teachers to use ChatGPT, like assisting in language lessons, while highlighting the importance of critical thinking and the challenge of detecting AI-generated work.

Google Meet’s AI Now Takes Notes and Attends Meetings on Your Behalf

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Duet’s main job is to help you catch up on and remember what happened in your Meet calls. But it can also maybe save you the trouble of attending in the first place.

Easy Cloud News

Logos Proclaim for Sermon Transcripts vs Easy Cloud AI Beluga

In summary, while Proclaim offers an integrated solution with Faithlife Sermons, Beluga emphasizes quality and offers a range of features to enhance the readability and presentation of the transcribed sermons.

AI News

🥛 Coke’s latest mystery flavor created by AI (link)

🏠️ 15 major companies sign White House AI pledge (link)

💻️ Open Interpreter lets LLMs run code on your computer to complete tasks (link)

🧱 Databricks Clinches $43 Billion Valuation, Plans More AI Tools (link)

AI Tools

🖋️ Shortform: Known for their powerful nonfiction book summaries, Shortform also has an AI tool that summarizes anything on the internet at the click of a button (link)

👩‍🦰 tl;dr: Transcribe, tag key moments (automatically), and summarise your calls (link)

🤖 Open Interpreter: Code Interpreter but free (could be a game changer) (link)

📸 Aragon AI: Transform your selfies into AI professional headshots (link)

📽️ Descript: A powerful all-in-one video and podcast editing tool using AI (link)