Proclaim (Faithlife)


  • Integration: Proclaim is integrated with Faithlife Sermons, allowing for seamless transcription of sermons.
  • Editing: Offers an interface to edit and review the transcriptions.
  • Publishing: Allows for easy publishing to Faithlife Sermons, where they can be accessed by a wider audience.
  • Pricing: Specific pricing details were not available from the link.

Beluga by EasyCloudAI


  • Purpose: Transcribes sermons to expand ministry reach and engage all church members.
  • SEO Benefits: Transcribing sermons makes them easily searchable, enhancing online visibility.
  • Features:
    • Clear paragraphing for readability.
    • Human review after AI processing for quality assurance.
    • Bible Verses are clearly marked and presented distinctively.
    • Provides files with HTML code for easy pasting into WordPress.
    • Capitalization of pronouns referencing God or Jesus.
  • Sample Transcript: Offers a sample transcript to showcase the quality and format.
  • Pricing:
    • Gold: $150/mo for 4 transcripts per month.
    • Platinum: $275/mo for 8 transcripts per month.
    • Diamond: $375/mo for 12 transcripts per month.
    • Offers prorated refunds if you cancel your subscription.
    • Special discounts for smaller churches facing financial difficulties.

In summary, while Proclaim offers an integrated solution with Faithlife Sermons, Beluga emphasizes quality and offers a range of features to enhance the readability and presentation of the transcribed sermons.