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🧠 OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Enterprise

🥶 OpenAI Nears $1 Billion of Annual Sales as ChatGPT Takes Off

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OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Enterprise

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Customer prompts and company data are not used for training OpenAI models

Unlimited access to GPT-4 (no usage caps)

32k token context windows for 4x longer inputs, files, or follow-ups

Shareable chat templates for your company to collaborate and build common workflows

OpenAI Nears $1 Billion of Annual Sales as ChatGPT Takes Off

Generated by Midjourney AI

OpenAI is on track for $1 billion of annual revenue as businesses adopt the technology behind ChatGPT, the generative AI bot that ignited a wave of artificial intelligence investment.

The rollout of ChatGPT Enterprise is a move forward in OpenAI’s plans to make money from its ubiquitous chatbot, which is enormously popular but very expensive to operate because robust AI models require lots of computing power. The San Francisco-based startup has already taken steps toward generating revenue from ChatGPT, such as by selling a premium subscription and offering companies paid access to its application programming interface, which developers can use to add the chatbot to other apps.

AI News

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AI Tools

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🤖 ReplyMind: Your Social Growth Assistant (link)

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🙊 Clay Nexus: AI navigator for your entire network (link)

😺 Noodl AI: AI-powered visual development (link)

🥶 Guidde: AI platform that helps create video documentation (link)

😎 Prompt Pal: The industry’s best AI prompts (link)

😈 Consensus: Give ChatGPT access to 200 million research papers (link)