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At GitHub, we’ve always prioritized providing developers with the tools they need to be happy and more productive, and we believe that generative AI can lead the future of software development. That’s why we created GitHub Copilot, the world’s first at-scale generative AI development tool.

GitHub Copilot is already writing 46% of code and helps developers code up to 55% faster, but our R&D team (GitHub Next) has been hard at work to bring GitHub Copilot beyond the editor. Auto-completion is just the starting point.

Meet GitHub Copilot X, our vision for the future of AI-powered software development.

Here are some new features that GitHub Copilot X will add to the developer experience on GitHub:

  • GitHub Copilot Chat: A ChatGPT-like experience that natively integrates with VS Code and Visual Studio. This is not just a chat window that offers code suggestions—it can also provide in-depth analysis and explanations of code, generate unit tests, and propose bug fixes. Join the waitlistThis feature will also join GitHub Copilot Voice, our voice-to-code AI technology extension.
  • Copilot for Pull Requests: AI-generated descriptions for pull requests, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. This feature keeps track of work, suggests descriptions, and helps reviewers reason with changes with a code walkthrough. Enable for your repository.
  • GitHub Copilot for Docs: AI-generated responses to questions about documentation, including questions about the languages, frameworks, and technologies a given project is using. Now starting with documentation for ReactAzure Docs, and MDN, with more to come. Join the waitlist.
  • Copilot for the Command Line Interface (CLI): Compose commands and loops, satisfy queries with obscure find flags, and more. Join the waitlist.

From answering questions based on docs to generating code to providing relevant descriptions in pull requests and beyond, we’re working to bring AI into every step of the software development lifecycle. With GitHub Copilot in the editor, we’ve given you this first step, and with GitHub Copilot X on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what you’ll build.

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Not sure where to begin? We’ve found some fun and useful examples of how developers can use GitHub Copilot—check them out here