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While AI and automation will likely impact a wide range of jobs across various industries, it is important to note that the extent of this impact depends on factors such as technological advancements, implementation costs, and the adaptability of industries and workers. Here’s a list of jobs that are considered to be at high risk of being replaced or significantly impacted by AI:

  1. Manufacturing and assembly line workers
  2. Data entry clerks
  3. Telemarketers
  4. Customer service representatives (call centers)
  5. Retail cashiers
  6. Warehouse and stock clerks
  7. Bank tellers and clerks
  8. Drivers (taxi, truck, and delivery)
  9. Fast food and restaurant staff
  10. Agricultural laborers
  11. Travel agents
  12. Accountants and bookkeepers
  13. Payroll and benefits administrators
  14. Loan officers
  15. Translators and interpreters
  16. Meter readers
  17. Textile workers
  18. Mining and quarrying laborers
  19. Mail sorters and postal workers
  20. Receptionists

It’s essential to remember that although AI may replace some jobs, it can also create new opportunities and change the nature of work in various industries. Workers who can adapt to new technologies and continuously update their skills will be better positioned to thrive in an increasingly automated world.