Sample Output

Paragraphs & Capitalization

We save you tons of time editing by inserting paragraphs and capitalizing words geared for Christian content. Although this is a matter of preference, we capitalized certain pronouns like He/His when it refers to the Trinity. For example, if you are speaking about Jesus from Philippians 2, we capitalize “His name.”

paragraph of a sermon transcript

Bible Verse Quotes

Verses are nicely separated from the rest of the text into block quotes.

paragraph from a sermon transcript

Easy-to-Paste HTML

You can cut and paste directly into your WordPress admin site or other CMS editor. See how easy we made it.

SEO Boosts

At Easy Cloud AI, we want you to rank high on search engines so that your content can be found by those seeking answers to their existential questions.

Here are the SEO-related recommendations that were generated from this sermon.

Original Title

“A Prayer that Hits the Mark”

SEO-friendly Title

“Elevating Prayers: Embracing Intercession and Thanksgiving”

Meta Description

“Delve into a profound exploration of 1 Timothy 2:1-4, understanding the essence of intercessory prayers and the significance of thanksgiving, as delineated in the sermon ‘A Prayer that Hits the Mark’. Uncover the path to a tranquil life through effective prayer, reflecting God’s will.”

Focus Keywords

“Intercessory Prayer, Thanksgiving, 1 Timothy 2:1-4, Effective Prayer, Tranquil Life, Reflecting God’s Will”

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With the latest version of AI that we are using, we are consistently seeing 99.9% accuracy in our transcripts. Although we could have opted for a completed automated delivery of the transcripts, we decided to spend a few minutes for a human to spot check every transcript that goes out so that we can ensure that each transcript meets our quality benchmarks.

Perfect Formatting

With the pastor in mind, we have designed our transcripts to be formatted the way we believe most pastors would want them to be. Capitalization out of respect for the Trinity. Bible verses within blockquotes so that a reader can quickly spot them with superscripts for verse numbers.

If you have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to offer some feedback here.