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Our Process

How is Easy Cloud AI’s Beluga better than other AI-generated transcription and translation services?

For translations, our secret sauce is our use of OpenAI’s GPT Davinci model along with Whisper.

Davinci is the most capable model family and can perform any task the other models can perform and often with less instruction. For applications requiring a lot of understanding of the content, like summarization for a specific audience and creative content generation, Davinci is going to produce the best results. These increased capabilities require more compute resources, so Davinci costs more per API call and is not as fast as the other models.

Another area where Davinci shines is in understanding the intent of text. Davinci is quite good at solving many kinds of logic problems and explaining the motives of characters. Davinci has been able to solve some of the most challenging AI problems involving cause and effect. Read more

In addition, we use Open AI’s Whisper, which is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised data collected from the web.

With Whisper’s large and diverse dataset, there has been a huge improvement in the areas of accents, background noise and technical language.

Moreover, Whisper enables transcription in multiple languages, as well as translation from those languages into English. Read more


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Privacy Guaranteed

We understand that some videos and audio recordings contain sensitive information. Some use cases where confidentiality is a must:
  • Medical information for patients
  • Legal matters
  • Financial transactions
Whether you are handling medical information for patients, legal matters, financial transactions, or other scenarios where confidentiality is a must, rest assured that your data is encrypted, delivered to you privately, and automatically deleted, all without human involvement. Read more

Human Proof Readers and Translators

Human Proof Readers

It is fairly common to make grammar mistakes when speaking. After all, to err is human.

When privacy is not a concern and you would like a human to proof read and correct grammar mistakes made by the speaker, please be sure to purchase the Add-on during checkout.

Human Translators

Translating a transcript to another language can be challenging given the fact that there are nuances to every language. Native speakers can capture the intent behind a phrase or sentence, taking an akward sounding literal translation and making it sound more natural.

To save our customers money, our first translation pass is assisted by Artificial Intelligence, and then, the second translation pass is proofread by a native speaker.

Foreign languages supported: 

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
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