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Beluga AI – Christian Sermon and Lecture Transcripts, Translations and More.

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How Transcripts Boost Online Visibility

In the digital era, it’s vital for churches to enhance their online presence. While audio and video sermons are impactful, text-based content is key for Google search rankings, making search engine optimization (SEO) efforts essential.

Transcribing sermons boosts their searchability and Google ranking. Effective SEO not only shares your message but also increases its visibility in search results. This approach ensures that your sermons are easily found by those seeking spiritual guidance, reaching a wider and more diverse audience.

Our Services



Transcribe your sermons or lectures into professionally formatted transcripts, including tailored Biblical vocabulary, precise Bible verse block quoting, and thoughtful capitalization.


Adapt your sermons or lectures into multiple languages, maintaining the integrity and spirit of your original message, ensuring it resonates with a diverse global audience.

SEO Optimization Assistance

Optimize your sermon or lecture’s reach with our SEO services. We offer keyword-rich titles, meta descriptions, and focus keywords, along with personal assistance every step of the way.


Bring your sermons or lectures to life with our accurate and engaging captioning service, ensuring accessibility and a richer viewing experience for your audience.


Expand your sermon or lecture’s global reach with our precise subtitle service (foreign language captions), crafted to connect with diverse audiences in their native languages.

Easy-to-Paste HTML

Streamline the publication process of your sermon or lecture with our copy-and-paste HTML code, designed for effortless copying and pasting while preserving perfect formatting on any website.

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How Transcripts Are Formatted

Utilizing OpenAI’s Whisper, which has been trained on extensive multilingual data, our services offer unmatched accuracy in transcription and translation. Enhanced by GPT, LangChain and various Python libraries, we ensure your sermon is accurately captured and elegantly formatted

Paragraphing & Capitalization

Our transcripts feature precise paragraph structuring and capitalization tailored for Biblical content. This ensures clarity and accuracy for Bible references, ensuring the  preservation of the infallible Word of God.

Bible Verses

Our transcripts distinctively showcase Bible verses in block quotes with references, ensuring accuracy even if the speaker paraphrases or misspeaks. This format offers clear, respectful presentation of Biblical content and is ideal for instant website publication.

Accuracy & Speech Correction

Powered by our advanced AI, our transcripts boast exceptional accuracy and increased readability with the automatic removal of filler words, ensuring your sermons are publication-ready and faithfully represented.

Human Touch: Rest assured that every one of our transcripts is reviewed by one of our editors before it is sent to you.

What to Expect

1. Submit an Order

You send us your audio link or file via email or our customer form.

2. We Transcribe

Our team and tools do all the work.

3. We Email You

You receive all of your transcript files via email within one business day.

Have a large sermon/lecture  archive?

Custom Services

We cater to extensive sermon collections or lecture archives by offering bulk discounts. Our custom services are designed to handle large archives efficiently, ensuring your valuable teachings are preserved and accessible.

Get a Quote

Click ‘Get in Touch’ for a personalized quote tailored to the size and specific needs of your sermon/lecture collection. Let us provide you with an efficient, customized, and affordable solution.


How Our Pricing Works

Select our base transcript subscription for access to optional add-ons. Alternatively, pay per transcript for a higher rate without add-on options.


Unlike others who charge $1.50 to $4 per minute, we offer a hassle-free pricing model at extremely competitive rates. Our affordable rates are based on monthly subscriptions and transcript count, not per minute.

Request Free Sample

Not ready to commit? Send us a link or file to your sermon/lecture here, and we will give you a free sample of all of our services!



Select one of our base transcript subscriptions and gain access to optional add-ons.


Gold $150/mo

  • 4 transcripts / mo
  • Includes Easy-to-paste HTMLs

(Equates to $37.50/transcript)


Platinum $275/mo

  • 8 transcripts / mo
  • Includes Easy-to-paste HTMLs

(Equates to $34.38/transcript)



Diamond $375/mo

  • 12 transcripts / mo
  • Includes Easy-to-paste HTMLs

(Equates to $31.25/transcript)



Select from a variety of add-ons to enhance your basic transcript subscription.

Translations - $25/transcript

  • English to any foreign language

SEO Optimization - $5/transcript

  • SEO-Optimized Title
  • Meta Description
  • Focus Keywords
  • Continual Assistance

Captions - $5/transcript

  • English only
  • SRT or VTT format

Subtitles - $25/transcript

  • To any foreign language
  • SRT or VTT format

Small Church

If your church is under 50 people and you are having financial difficulties, contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Pay Per Transcript

Pay per transcript for a higher rate without add-on options.


Transcript $45

  • Standard transcript
  • Includes Easy-to-paste HTML

NOTE: Add-ons such as translations, captions, subtitles, and SEO are not available without a monthly subscription.